All is Calm - Lee Cusenbary / by Dan Baumer

War broke: and now the winter of the world
With perishing great darkness closes in . . .
For after spring had bloomed in early Greece,
And Summer blazed her glory out with Rome,
An autumn softly fell, a harvest home . . .
But now, for us, wild winter, and the need
Of sowings for new spring, and blood for seed.

- “1914” by Wilfred Owen, Manchester Regiment

Lee Cusenbary has performed in and directed theater productions in Austin and San Antonio for over thirty years. His work at The Playhouse includes playing Father in Ragtime and directing Fiddler on the Roof for which he received a Globe Award. Lee is the writer/director of, an educational musical theater series for attorneys. He is the General Counsel at Mission Pharmacal Company and serves on the Board of Directors for The Playhouse.

All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914 runs Dec 2 - 18 in the Russell Hill Rogers Theater. Co-Directed by George Green and Bill Gundry, this show is a co-production with The Marcsmen and is proudly presented in partnership with Valero Energy.

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