Closed - Rehearsals Continue For Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' / by Dan Baumer

The magic of theater ... a continuing work in progress.


Director David Nanny goes over blocking notes with Corina and Bruce.

"Each and every member of this team is coming together each day and raising the bar from the day before. The creativity is astounding! I couldn't be more pleased with the progress that we are making in telling this wonderful story."

David Nanny, Director

Rehearsals are magical times!  Years ago, a team or writers put some marks onto a piece of paper; dialogue, stage notes, tech information.  A composer wrote some other strange marks onto more bits of paper and added them all together in an order that pleased the writing team.

These bits of paper got delivered to theaters and the expectation is that the creative team of the theater will translate these tiny codes into something beautiful and magical.

Yes, it takes theater degrees to put it all together. It takes the knowledge of math and science for the tech teams to make their voodoo happen. It takes years of training in dance and voice and all the associated theater arts. Yet there is one thing that is more important than all of these things.

Work!  Hard work.  Hours and weeks and months of work go into each and every full production we've ever seen. Evenings, weekends and holidays are taken up so the cast and crew can hone their craft, to apply texture to a wall or prop, or to fine-tune a tricky dance step.

Theater is magic in how it can transport the viewer into strange and distant lands, how we can be taken to another age or brought into a world we've dreamed of yet have never seen ... but that magic is fueled by the love of the craft AND countless hours of sweat and effort. We hope that you can "Be our guest" when we open this production.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast open Sep 30 and runs through Oct 30 in the Russell Hill Rogers Theater at The Playhouse San Antonio. Sponsorship has been generously provided by Total Mobility Systems, Inc

Corina Zars as Mrs Potts