Fool for Love - Dress Run images / by Dan Baumer

Perhaps you've started to notice a pattern with the images that we create for our shows.  In amongst the rehearsal images, the special promo pictures, and the character portraits are the images that we capture during the dress run on the Monday before each show opens.

Though there may be a few tweaks left in terms of characterization or blocking and the cast is getting used to the new light and sound cues, this is a full and complete show.  The artists on the stage are expected to give a performance equal to any that the patrons would see.

Being able to be so close to the actors and their art allows for some wonderful images and we couldn't be more pleased with how well they maintain their composure while they have the extra element of a photographer dancing around them.


Eddie - Damon C Mentzer
May - Holly Clifford
Old Man - Bill Gundry
Martin - Michael Zaiontz

Stage Manager - Elena Dye
Director - George Green


Throughout the run of the show, we use those images for a great variety of promotional purposes but afterwards, we put all of the shows images in our growing Flickr gallery. As we move through the 2016-17 Season, you can expect plenty more imagery to come your way.  We may even have a few extra tricks to add for the upcoming season!

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