Set Building for Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' / by Dan Baumer

The crew gets the stage ready for Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'

We all love it when the months of planning and rehearsal for a show come together; when the lights color the stage and the actors have their time in the spotlight. Sometimes, though, the beauty of the performing arts comes during those months of preparation.

Carrie Daniels prepares the "library" in the Beast's castle.

The beauty comes in the form of technicians using their years of skill to give the patrons the best light, sound and color possible.  It comes from the brush of an scenic artist that, for a couple hours anyways, lets you think that you're in a faraway land. 

The love of theater is shown in the sweat and dirt earned by folks who lend a hand to step outside of their normal world to join with others in creating a new one.  The more love, attention, and effort given at this point in a show make a better production for our patrons come Opening Night.

Jerod and George get one of the many curtains ready.

When Disney's Beauty and the Beast opens Sep 30 in the RHR Theater at The Playhouse San Antonio, we'll have more than just fantastic singing and acting for them.  We'll have the unseen musicians in the pit, the countless brush strokes applied by our scenic artists, the masterful sound and lighting from the technicians that have mastered their craft and, most importantly, they'll be presented a show proudly crafted by theater professionals and volunteers for their utmost enjoyment.  Plus, it'll all be happening in one of the nation's most historic and storied theater.

We certainly hope that you'll "Be our Guest!"

Disney's Beauty and the Beast runs Sep 30 - Oct 30 at The Playhouse San Antonio.  For tickets and more information, including a complete cast list, go to the show's page HERE!