So When are you Leaving? - Playhouse Potentials / by Dan Baumer

In addition to being another entry in our Playhouse Potentials series, this past Sunday marked the beginning of a new effort to share the written word and the performing arts with a wider audience.

Take a look at the short teaser film and we'll explain more down below!

Sheila Rinear's So When are you Leaving? is a fantastically funny work-in-progress and we're pleased to have it as the first entry on our new podcast site. You can hear the entire play as well as the Q&A that followed by clicking on the links below.

Very soon, we'll be available on iTunes and Google Play


Maggie Dunleavy - Laurie Fitzpatrick
Shanaya Dunleavy - Bethany Ratliff
Betty/Aspara Wilson - Sarah Davis
Helena Dunleavy - Whitney Marlett
Jacky Dunleavy - Greg Hinojosa
Loretta Spielberg - Zari Rose

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