An Evening in the Garden - The Samuel French Takeover / by Dan Baumer

The Famous Red Stage Door

The Famous Red Stage Door

On Saturday, Feb 18, the good folks of Samuel French, Inc. let us do something really cool.  They let us take over their Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram accounts (go follow them) so that we could highlight the awesome team behind our production of The Secret Garden.

We couldn't be more thrilled and honored for the opportunity to highlight the many talented artists on and off the stage. As much as we love the stars in the spotlight, it's the ones off the stage that make a show hum along.

Snapchat is a funny beast. It's unique time limitations make for quick cuts, quick decisions, and quick wit.  We had Dr. Craven, Nicholas Ponting, take charge of that network to show off some of the goofiness backstage.

Uploaded by The Playhouse San Antonio on 2017-02-19.

When he's not on stage being wonderful, Nicholas is also our Scenic Designer.  When he and our Lighting Designer, Daniel Heggem, work together, they create magic like we've rarely seen elsewhere.  We got to show unique angles of the set that we haven't shown before.  

Our photographer, Daniel Baumer, ran Instagram and Twitter.  The videos and pictures that he captured showed more of the sights rarely seen.

We love being able to take our patrons away from the normal world for a special bit of time but there is SO MUCH that happens before and after.  Plus, there are little moments that happen in the blink of an eye during a show that make theater life memorable.

Our leads, Kat, Nick, Nicholas, Nicky, and Ashley, are future stars but no big show would last without the hard work and effort of the ensemble.

These people are awesome! There are curtains and shadow boxes to move, props to place and remove, and off-stage vocals to chime in with. A musical like The Secret Garden requires so much effort and color from the supporting cast ... and we have a team full of champs!

We can't say THANK YOU nearly enough to the beautfiul people from Samuel French for trusting us to speak directly to their fans and followers.  We're grateful for the opportunity and are extraordinarily proud of our team!