The Secret Garden - Portraits / by Dan Baumer

Every character that you see in a play has a life that existed before we see them on stage.  They love and laugh, they feel pain and joy, and they have experiences that shape the person we see on stage for that short time.  How do we know that?

We rely on the skills of the artists involved with the production of the piece to learn what they can about their role, to research the era, and expect them to do their best to fill in the gaps with their own personal experiences.

Our beautiful actors are neither the first nor the last persons to play these roles but in this moment, at this precarious and exciting moment of opening a show, no others on the face of the earth know these characters better than those who represent them.  The next Archie or Martha may look and sound different. They may have a slightly different walk or lilt in their voice but for this moment, in this time, it's THESE people that will light up our stage with their magic.

We salute all those that have brought The Secret Garden in the past and those that will bring it to life in the future.

Directed by Laura Michelle Hoadley, 'The Secret Garden' runs Feb 11 - Mar 12 in the Russell Hill Rogers Theater. Tickets and more information about this awesome cast HERE!