2017-18 Season Packages

The Playhouse San Antonio has already announced its exciting 2017-18 Season and now we're introducing you to all of our fantastic new season ticket packages.  There are SO many ways to save money and see even more shows than before.

You can choose between a Full-Season package (12 shows), an RHR season package (6 shows), a Cellar season package (6 shows), or a Flex package of five or more shows.

All season subscriptions come at an incredible discount compared to both single ticket purchases and the pricing for previous season voucher packages. Additionally, for the first time,  we are offering Senior, Military, and Student discounts for all subscriptions.

When a package is purchased, all dates and seats are determined at that time. For instance, a patron can choose to attend the 2nd Saturday of every performance and then select their favorite seats. Worried about committing to those dates? We will do unlimited exchanges for any tickets within a subscription


Flex Packages are available until Dec. 31!

Choose 5 or more and get a 25% discount!

Choose 5 or more and get a 25% discount!