By Tennessee Williams

Drama - Cellar Theater


“Truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion,”

This memory play colors the turning point of life for Tom, the sole breadwinner for his sister Laura, a fragile soul held captive by her own insecurities and tragedies, and his mother, Amanda, a bitter woman who longs intensely for times past and youth squandered.


Tom - Sam Mandelbaum

Amanda - Gloria Sanchez-Molina

Laura - Maggie Tonra

Jim - Tyler Smith


Director - Molly Cox

Stage Manager - Carrie Daniels  

Scenic Design - Nicholas Ponting

Lighting Design - Daniel Heggem

Crew - Anthony Cortino

Crew - Rick Clyde

Crew - Carrie Daniels


The conceptual setting is an invention of the director and is not part of the play as written.  The University of the South has not seen and approved the production.